On Display in the Library: Banned and Censored Musical Artists

Album cover for the Mama's and the Papa's album "If you can believe your eyes and ears" Did you know that some retailers refused to stock the Mamas and the Papas album “If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears” because the front cover showed a toilet? Albums and artists have frequently been challenged throughout the world for reasons as diverse as politics to fear of rock ‘n roll. Examples can be found in our display on the 3rd floor (north). Want to hear the forbidden music? We have it!

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On Display in the Library: Banned and Censored Graphic Novels

In anticipation of Banned Books Week, many of the library displays are focusing on materials that have been challenged, censored or outright banned, highlighting the power and importance of having the freedom to engage with these materials.

persepolis coverThe display case on the second floor highlights graphic novels that have been challenged in schools and libraries in the recent past. Also highlighted are efforts undertaken by students, teachers and librarians to fight back against censorship.

If you’re interested in learning more, take a look at the displays and stay tuned (‘tooned?) for more information on our Banned Books Week events!

Panel Discussion: Comics, Censorship and Freedom of Expression
Tuesday, September 23, 4-5:30pm
Schulz 3001

Create Comics: Tell Your Story in Words and Pictures (workshop)
Friday, September 26, 1-3pm
Schulz 2016A

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On Display in the Library: Banned or Challenged Juvenile and Young Adult Books

Charlotte's WebCharlotte’s Web, published in 1952 is 78th on the best-selling hardcover list; has sold more than 45 million copies and is a recipient of the 1953 Newbery Honor. How did this book end up on frequently challenged book list? This classic of children’s literature has been challenged because passages about the spider dying were criticized as being “inappropriate subject matter for a children’s book.”

What is the difference between a challenge and a banning? A challenge is the attempt to remove material from a curriculum or library, thereby restricting the access of others. A banning is the actual removal of those materials. Take a look at the display on the third floor with more banned or censored books. These titles were taken from the National Council of Teachers of English and the American Library Association.

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On Display in the Library: Banned and Censored Films

Did you know the classic movie King Kong was edited years after its release to comply with strict decency laws? Movies have been frequently challenged throughout history for reasons ranging from “indecency” to political views. Take a look at the display on the 3rd floor (North) for examples of films that have been banned or censored.

Interested in seeing these forbidden films? You can check them out from the library and celebrate the freedom to make up your own mind about them!

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On Display in the Library: Employing Graphics to Enhance the Storytelling Experience

Our display this month from the Library’s Special Collections showcases volumes which all employ visual imagery to enhance the the storytelling experience. In some cases, an illustration fleshes out a story, while in others the story simply can’t be told without the visuals.

Special Collections materials are distinguished by rarity, value, aesthetics, and format. Our collections include manuscripts, photographs, books, periodicals, media, and ephemera. Access is by appointment and special handling procedures apply.

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On Display in the Library: Censored Visual Artists

Artwork has been censored throughout the ages for moral and political reasons. As societal norms changed, artwork has been limited by what was considered “acceptable”, but has also led to cultural growth by pushing against those limitations.

Many now famous works of art were at one time censored. You can see some of them on display on the 3rd floor of the Library, just outside the Administration Office.

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Constitution Day 2014 – September 17th

The U.S. Constitutional Convention signed the final draft of the Constitution on this day in 1787. We’ve compiled the following links and resources to help you explore the history of the US Constitution and test your knowledge!

Learn About the U.S. Constitution

Test Your Constitution Knowledge

  • Constitution Day Duel – duel alone or against a friend to see how much US history you know
  • Lincoln’s Crossroads Game – based on the traveling exhibition Lincoln: The Constitution & the Civil War, which debuted at the National Constitution Center in June 2005.

Library Material

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

U.S. Postage stamp celebrating Mexican Independence

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for us to celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans in the United States. It begins each year on September 15, the anniversary of independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico celebrates its independence on September 16, and Chile its independence on September 18.

According to the 2010 Census, 50.5 million people or 16% of the population are of Hispanic or Latino origin. Hispanic and Latino Americans have had a long presence in North America from Florida to California, and their influence on American culture has been continuous from before the Revolutionary War.

The Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, the U.S. National Archives and other organizations have compiled an impressive set of digital collections in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month, showcasing art, history, literature, political contributions, and more. PBS will be broadcasting its documentary series The Latino Americans, along with many live performances, interviews, and profiles of Hispanic people in the US.

Here in the Library we have books, DVDs, and streaming videos on a wide range of topics including Hispanic American identity, books by and about Hispanic American authors, and the history of Hispanic people in America.

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Design Your Library This Week

Design Your LibraryMake your voice heard and help us shape the future of the Library. This week we want to know how you want to use the Library building. What kinds of creative projects do you need space to work on? How do you want to be able to use this space?

Come to Schulz 2022 for pizza, snacks, and conversation!

Tuesday, September 16 at Noon

Thursday, September 18 at 10:30 a.m.

Visit our Facebook page to RSVP!

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Old School Faves Playlist

Here’s a list of some old school classics to help keep you in the school set of mind.

Search through the library catalog to find albums that interest you. To check them out, bring the call number to the Information/Check-out Desk on the 2nd floor. You can bring records home to listen, but if you don’t have a record player, we have six available record players located at the viewing and listening stations on the 2nd floor.

1. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama (Gold and Platinum)
2. The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil (Beggar’s Banquet)
3. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (A Night at the Opera)
4. Michael Jackson – Thriller (Thriller)
5. Fleetwood Mac – Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
6. The Who – Baba O’Riley (Who’s Next)
7. Bob Marley – Buffalo Soldier (Confrontation)
8. Steve Miller Band – Space Cowboy (Brave New World)
9. Don McLean – American Pie (American Pie)

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