Children’s Room

Name:: Ashley Murray

Major or Department:: SSU Children’s School

Are you (select one): SSU Staff

Your Comment :

I brought a small group of toddlers into the library Children’s Room today and received several complaints about the noise level (which I couldn’t control as the children are not at an age where they have the ability to control the volume of their voices). I wish there were signs posted in the Children’s Room or 2nd floor of the library requesting quiet. We would not have come to visit the library if we would have known that people were taking finals on the 2nd floor. I have always known the 3rd floor to be the quiet floor and expected people who wanted peace and quiet to be studying to be on that floor. I apologize for disturbing students in the library, but suggest that the finals week library guidelines are more clear in the future for the Children’s Room. I was saddened to hear a student muttering, “Why would someone bring children to a library!?” Because there is a wonderful Children’s Room of course! I hope all are aware that even the youngest children appreciate literacy and benefit from The Children’s Room.

Dear Ashley, We are sorry to hear of your negative experience on your last trip to the library. We always love to see the little ones come to the library and enjoy their excitement in finding new treasures to read.

The last week of classes and finals week are always stressful times for our students as they finish up their work for the semester. Demand for study space is high; we actually open up additional rooms to help address the problem, as well as keep the library open 24 hours during those weeks. While the third floor is the designated “Quiet Zone,” during finals we all try to be mindful of the intense studying going on throughout the library, on all floors.

When we hear of non-SSU student groups planning to visit during those 2 weeks, we respectfully ask them to wait until after finals so we can focus our space use for students’ needs.

We are glad you find the Children’s Room valuable and look forward to your continued use of the collection. (By the way, the bear has gone off to the “hospital” to have his ear stitched up. He will return once he’s all better.)

Thanks for voicing your concerns. We look forward to seeing the little ones again soon.

–Paula Hammett

new movies

Name:: Kathryn

Your Comment : Could you have a link to indicate the newest movies that are available? Thanks!

Response: Thanks for your suggestion. We created a new list and added the link to the Library’s homepage on the “Books & Media” tab. Under the search boxes, there is a link to “New Books” & “Movies” – click on the word movies to see the newest movies added to the collection. [Note this list is created and the end of each month, so it may not list the very latest titles.]

Another possibility is from the Library’s home page, click on “Find” then under Media click on “Feature Films.” Resort the list by date and you will see the most recent feature films we’ve added.

Thanks again for your suggestion. We’re glad you are enjoying the movies.

Convenient book drop

Name:: Alex

Are you (select one): SSU Student

Your Comment :

Could you install a theft proof, weather proof book drop in front of campus for people who are disabled, without parking permits, have limited time to come in, etc.

February 21, 2011

Thank you for your suggestion that the Library should provide a book drop at the entrance of campus. We agree it would be a great convenience for persons who aren’t able to make it onto the campus proper to return library materials. We have looked into this very suggestion in the past and have been unable to respond for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons.

One is security of the materials. A common issue with remote drop boxes, everywhere, is the issue of vandalism. Without nearby oversight, theft and serious vandalism (such as inserting trash, flammable liquids and kittens!) are quite common. One compromise might be to consider a drop box on a drive-by campus road close to the Library or Police Services.

You may know that we are experiencing severe budget constraints at this time. Additional equipment or additional staffing implications are a real challenge. By the way, a properly built drop box runs close to $10,000, and sadly, that is an expensive item for us these days.

We will keep your suggestion on our list of desired improvements and will also pass this along to the appropriate campus planning committee. We appreciate your comment and your interest.

Barbara E. Butler, Dean, Library

quiet zones

Name:: Max
Major or Department:: MA Education
Are you (select one): SSU Student

Your Comment :

Could we please get quieter computer keyboards installed on the 3rd floor? These are the noisiest keyboards around, and this lady sitting 20ft. away from me is making a HUGE racket on one and it’s breaking my concentration.


This is a stressful time in the semester when quiet places to study are particularly appreciated. The library does have a “super quiet zone” in the Special Collections Room. Other quiet zones are also available.

We usually have some ear plugs available at the Circulation Desk on the 2d floor. We also sell ear buds for $1.75.

Thanks for your suggestion. Best wishes for finishing up your research.

book suggestion

Name:: Joan

Major or Department:: English

Are you (select one): SSU Student

Your Comment :

Please consider purchasing more books by Chis Hedges, a retired NY Times war correspondant. The SSU library does not have “Death of the Liberal Class.” Currently,it has more than 30 holds on it at the Sonoma County library. Also, he wrote “American Facsists: The Christian Right and the War on America.” I would also like to read another book he wrote called “Empire of Illusion.” I was glad to see you have his book, “War is a Force That Gives Life Meaning” and “What Every Soldier Needs to Know About War.”


Thanks for the suggestions. We will review these titles for purchase, as funds allow. In the meantime, you can request these titles from LINK+ and they usually arrive in 2-3 days (although there may be delays in the upcoming weeks due to holiday closures)

book suggestion

Name:: Leslie

Major or Department:: Spanish

Book Recommendation for the World Literature Collection. Reviewed by Library Journal, April Reviews- April 15, 2010.

September Elegies.
Pastoriza Iyodo, Benito.
tr. by Bradley Warren Davis. U.S.: Xlibros Corp. 2010. 177p. ISBN 978-1-4500-3947-5. pap. $19.99. POETRY


Thanks for the suggestion. We will add it to our queue to review for purchase, as funds permit.


Name:: Student

Are you (select one): SSU Student

Your Comment :

It would be nice to have boxes of tissues in various areas throughout each floor. I often struggle to find one on the 3rd floor. It will help contain the spread of illnesses!

Response: Thanks for your  suggestion. We usually have a tissue box at the Circulation Desk on the 2d floor.  We will be more aware of the need for tissues on third floor as well. In a pinch, there are bathrooms on each floor that are well stocked.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

New web site

Are you (select one): SSU Staff

Your Comment :

I know it takes a while to get used to a new site, but I really miss the pulldown menu with the area to search (View Entire Collection,Multimedia, etc) on the front page. When I go to look up a video I have to go to Advanced Search to limit it, otherwise I end up with many more hits than I need.

Response: Thanks for taking the time to send us your comments.  I will forward your feedback on to the web team.

new books

Are you (select one): SSU Student

Your Comment :

Alot of your books are outdated. Sometimes I have to go to the santa rosa junior college to get my books. Please buy new books or try to get donations.

Response: Thank you for your observations.  It’s not clear if you are talking about books in the general collection, or class textbooks on reserve. Was there a particular subject area you were referring to?

We do order new books regularly for the general collection. We have a limited budget, but try to keep up with the most current scholarship.

We do not, however, try to purchase copies of all textbooks to go on reserve. To do so would quickly deplete our limited funds.  If a book is required for a course, the student is expected to purchase a copy (financial aid awards generally include the costs of textbooks). If there is a copy of a textbook on reserve, chances are it is a personal copy from the professor.

If there is a particular subject area you find lacking, please contact me and I will be happy to investigate further.

Thanks again for your concern,

–Paula Hammett, Collection Development Librarian


Name:: anonymous

Phone Number:: anonymous

Major or Department:: BIOLOGY

Are you (select one): SSU Student

Your Comment :

This concerns the high level of noise in the northern side of the third floor, which comes from the administration office and radiates throughout the the northern side. I hear conversations about people, phone calls being received, laughing, and various information that is not my business, however it sounds like they are having a good time. I would like to suggest that the office keep their door closed, I notice various students who seem uncomfortable with this noise level, but aren’t willing to say anything. I hope you consider my suggestion.

Response: Thanks for taking the time to voice your concern.  It’s always good to be reminded of how sound travels in this building!

We will remind folks to keep their voices down as they are coming and going from the administration offices, as well as look for ways better shield the office noise while still making it clear we are open for business.

Thanks again.  We will, indeed, consider your suggestion.